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You Do Not Need to Feel Trapped By an Out-Of-Date Custody or Support Arrangement

Following a divorce, you or your spouse may need to move, jobs can be lost, promotions can be earned, and other circumstances can change and make your life look far different than it did at the end of your marriage. A modification is a legal device that allows you to make changes to divorce decrees and agreements so that they more accurately reflect the current situation of your family.

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An Attorney with Personal Experience

As a part of his comprehensive family law and divorce services, our Blue Springs support modification attorney helps clients throughout the Kansas City metro area obtain the modifications they need to keep moving forward in their new lives. He can take the time to fully understand how your situation has changed and give you updates on your case as he moves your petition for modification through the court system. Our attorney has been through a divorce himself, so he understands that you need a trusted advisor to turn to at all times, even after your divorce is finalized.

Modifying Child Support

A substantial change in the financial circumstances of you or your spouse may allow you to obtain a support modification. Typically, modifications come up in situations where the parent paying child support has lost a job and needs to reduce his or her support obligations. In other instances, one parent receives a promotion and the parent receiving support seeks to increase the support received.

Modifying Custody

Some of the most prevalent circumstances that necessitate this changes to custody arrangements include:

Child Relocation

When you or your ex-spouse wants to relocate, especially if either of you plans to take the children with you, it may be necessary to modify your custody and visitation plan. It is always a good idea to discuss a modification before moving yourself or your children away. If you do not do so, there is a possibility that you could violate the divorce order or other agreements and face legal trouble.

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