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Let’s hope you’ve never really been pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence in Grain Valley. However, if you are ever pulled over for DUI, know that you have rights, one of which is the right to talk with a DUI lawyer promptly.

Would you know what to do if you were pulled over by a cop on suspicion of DUI? Attorneys would like to take a minute to discuss a few points on how you’re and are not obligated to perform on-scene.

If you are stopped, you will be required to show proof of identity, registration, and insurance.

If you are pulled over, you will be expected to provide your proof of identity, registration, and proof of insurance.

It’s no different than being pulled over for any other purpose, so always comply. Have these products on hand as well. If you fumble about for them, an officer’s report may reflect this.

Breath, blood, and urine testing: – You must submit to these tests if they are requested of you. In the face of these exams.

Consulting a lawyer and looking for guidance on the spot: – Can you contact an attorney on the spot? The answer to these questions is unequivocal yes! Seeking assistance from a lawyer while on the spot might help you avoid incriminating yourself.

The right to silence: Once again, you have the freedom not to incriminate yourself, which includes the right to remain silent.

Remain silent until your counsel is present. You have thereby claimed your constitutional rights, and all further questions must be dropped.

Roadside Sobriety Tests: No field sobriety tests are needed of you. Some police may threaten to arrest you if you do not cooperate, but there is no legislation requiring you to undergo these tests.

Field tests are purely subjective, which means that the findings may vary depending on a variety of circumstances such as the officer doing the checks, height, weight, scene settings, medical issues, and so on. Refuse to take these tests politely.


Remember to be courteous and cooperative at all times. Collaboration does not imply consent to take damning tests that you are not obligated to take. It just means remaining calm, polite, and respectful at all times.